The "Made in Germany" Quality ensures that our Melt Blown fabrics and masks meet the highest quality standards. They are made out of filtering fabrics with 99.4% bacterial filtration efficiency confirmed by an accredited laboratory from Germany. We are a manufacturer of raw materials used in for the production of masks and FFP respirators. We have the OEKO TEX certificate for the filttration fabric used in the production of masks, as well as the certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene PZH for our finished product.

about us

Medi-Laabs GmbH of Eberswalde near Berlin offers high-quality Melt-Blown filter fabrics and raw materials for the production of hygienic masks, medical masks, FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 half masks. 

The company is a German manufacturer of Melt-Blown fabric, an inner layer that is used as a filtering medium for protective masks, as well as a manufacturer of masks and FFP type respirators.

Dr. Magdalena Laabs, owner of Medi-Laabs GmbH, delivered and launched the production of several dozen machines for medical masks and the half masks, otherwise known as FFP respirators 2020.

Due to big shortages of filter fabrics on the market amids the chaos of Coronavirus Pandemic, Magdalena Laabs, having access to the production technology, decided to launch a special purpose vehicle, which would specialize in the production of high quality Melt-Blown nonwovens.

Fully operational lines for the production of masks supplied by Dr Laabs have already been installed in Germany, Great Britain, Poland and other European countries. Further machinery is already in production.  

In 2020 Magdalena Laabs was a subcontractor of masks for the Polish government. The company's customers, using machines supplied by Dr Laabs, produced masks for the government of Germany, Great Britain and Poland. Our mask making machines yield up 150 mln masks monthly.

Currently, Medi-Laabs is able to supply raw materials for production of medical masks and FFP2 and FFP3 respirators, as well as the masks themselves. 

Our company is able to make customized masks, masks branded with the customer's logo.

An independent accredited laboratory in Germany has confirmed the filtering efficiency of the Medi-Laabs-Melt-Blown non-woven fabric at 99.41%, which allows it to be used in all types of medical masks (I, II, IIR).

In July 2020, Medi-Laabs obtained an OEKO-TEX certificate confirming that the Melt-Blown nonwovens are safe. This certificate proves the quality of textile products that come into contact with human skin. 


Melt-Blown filter fabric 

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency BFE 99.41% confirmed by an independent accredited laboratory from Germany. In the factory laboratory, we test each roll of non-woven fabric produced.


2.5 mm, 3 mm and 5 mm thick weave round and flat elastic bands are perfectly suited for production of protective masks on ultrasonic welding machines.


Plastic wires plus a special metal alloy - single and double-core as well as wires made of 100% polymer.


Medi-Laabs has a in-house laboratory that implements methods from two most important standards for mask testing: EN 149:2004 + A1:2009 and EN 14683:2019 + AC:2019. Currently, Medi-Laabs is in the process of implementing the ISO 17025 system confirming the reliability of laboratory testing, together with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. Already today, the company offers service testing of masks and nonwovens for the purpose of their ongoing quality control. Tests are obtained once a year from an accredited laboratory and the quality has to be tested continuously in order to offer products with the highest level of protection.