foundation for the development of ukraine - who they are?

  • The Development Foundation of Ukraine delivers dedicated aid directly to the frontline.

  • This is primarily field hospital equipment, first aid kits for fighting soldiers and other tactical equipment.

  • Rapidly gained experience has enabled the field team to operate efficiently in a country at war.

  • It is the personal contact with fighting soldiers and frontline doctors that allows us to dedicate our assistance to their real needs.

  • The Foundation for the Development of Ukraine has specialised in bringing aid to extremely dangerous places.

  • It even reaches the occupied territories with aid to Ukrainian citizens.

The entire team is doing everything possible to accelerate the end of this war and to mitigate its catastrophic effects on an ongoing basis.


foundation for the development of ukraine

helps - in every possible way. Because it is the right thing to do.



  •  It helps both the fighting Ukraine and its citizens fleeing the war.

  • It organises transports of refugees and helps them in any way it can.

  • It takes care of many families, helps them to complete all legal formalities, find work and accommodation.

  • It provides them with all the necessities of life.

  • It provides needy families in Poland with medical equipment (glucometers, pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors, fetal heart rate monitors, ECG machines), orthopaedic supplies (standing frames, wheelchairs).

  • It provides comprehensive care for families affected by disabilities that prevent them from functioning independently after resettlement.

  • It organises vocational courses, training and Polish language classes (currently 36 groups) for refugees residing on Polish territory.