MEDI-LAABS is a manufacturer of Melt Blown, medical masks and FFP1, FFP2 FFP3 respirators. We supply produce and supply raw materials or mask production facilites.

We have implemented over 50 technological lines for mask production. We helped extensively in the selection process of raw materials. We advised on the subject of EN 149 and EN 14683 standards. We have all the know-how which we are happy to share with our customers.


Medical masks and half masks are made on welding machines. Welding is performed by means of ultrasound. The principle of operation of ultrasonic welding machines - frictional thermal welding.

Welding machines for joining plastics operate on the principle of providing a high dose of mechanical energy to the materials placed between the vibrating tool (sonotrode) and the anvil. It is two interfaces rub against each other at a very high rate, the materials heat up and melt and as a result, materials are joined together. The ultra high rotating speed reaches up to 20,000 rpm.

As a rule, the material fragments from which the masks are made are joined and only welded at the edges. In order to permanently join them, they need to be heated so that they become malleable and then squeezed. Sometimes the order of action can be reversed - already squeezed materials become plastic.

In the case of ultrasonic welding, the energy carrier in this process are acoustic waves. It is suitable for welding textiles and plastics. It is also suitable for the welding of two different materials. This method is not only versatile but also precise.

The pressure, welding time and welding depth can be precisely adjusted. The resulting joint does not require any additional binders or connecting elements.


The material should be heated to a strictly controlled temperature, adjusted to the material properties.